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The Institute for Applied Computer Science (IAI) carries out research and development in the field of innovative and application-oriented information, automation, and systems technologies.

IAI develops systems solutions for tasks defined under the programs of Renewable Energies, Efficient Energy Conversion and Use, Atmosphere and Climate, BioInterfaces, Technology, Innovation & Society and Energy Systems Analysis, Science and Technology of Nanosystems and SuperComputing cover all development phases from the conception to the generation of prototypes and practical testing. Apart from system implementation, they also focus on the development of novel computer science and automation methods and tools that are applied and further developed within the framework of system generation. In R&D projects, up-to-date concepts and techniques from the fields of knowledge processing (e.g. fuzzy concepts, artificial neural networks, machine learning, pattern recognition), communication, hypermedia, telepresence, robotics, bus systems, and measurement and control technology, etc. are applied.

The projects are carried out in interdisciplinary cooperation with partners from industry, administration, and other research institutions in Germany and abroad. The Institute is involved in projects of the EU and German industry. The staff of the Institute is active in standardization bodies, technical and expert commissions as well as program committees.

IAI-Projects in HGF-Programs

Simulation and Measurement
High-Throughput Screening
Energy Systems Analysis
Research Group Distributed Computing
Processoriented information systems and work structures
Automation for Micro- and Nano Systems
Geothermal Energy
Simulation and Visualization
Information Systems for Remote Sensing
Sustainable Development
Intelligent Sensor Systems for Online Gas Analysis and Source Localization
KIC InnoEnergy-CCG_P12 SolComBio
Projects with Industry

Learning Systems
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Virtual Reality and Visualization
Artificial Sensors
Web based Information Systems and Databases
Mechatronics and Biomechanics
Safe Systems